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The AccessAble Help Desk 2018 includes an optional web interface.  These web pages provide much of the same functionality as in the desktop application., with the exception of the ability to create users and assign them to roles.  
You can create end users in the browser application, however, this would only allow you or staff members to create and use the end users table to add and edit requests, assign hardware and software and so on.
The web interface does include a report and dashboard designer feature however I find the desktop designers much easier to use.  

While the web interface is probably best suited for a full sized browser screen, such as on a desktop or laptop computer, you can also access
(pun intended) the AccessAble Help Desk using the browser on a smart phone or tablet.

This is the Official Home Page for
the AccessAble Help Desk
Developed by Dennis Baggott
(c) 2018

AccessAble Help Desk
Developed by somone who has ..
Been There, Done That!
An affordable program to help you manage
End User, Requests, Hardware, Software
and more.
Developed more than 10 years ago
based on requests by existing and
potential customers.
This version makes a good program
even better in many ways.
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