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Screenshot from Web Interface

1.  Installing the Program   This video shows the install process on a computer running Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium - 64 bit
2.  Adding a New User and Related Hardware Item - This video shows how to add an end user record and a hardware record

3.  Adding a New Support Request from an End User - A video showing how an end user can add request for himself/herself
4.  Adding Software, Filtering and More  - This video shows how to Add a software record, different ways to filter data and more

5.  Refreshing - This video (sorry, over 10 minutes long) shows how 1 person can use the Desktop application to view request in near real time as another staff member or end user adds or updates requests using the browser interface.  The web version of AccessAble Help Desk is optional but completely free to use when you buy a license for the desktop application.

6.  Customizing - This video shows how with a few clicks you can change the data entry screens by hiding items you don't want to see or use, changing the labels for fields, moving the fields around on the screen, and more!

7.  Web Interface on a Smart Phone - No audio with this video.  Just demonstrating that the AccessAble Help Desk 2018.

8. Importing Records - New in AccessAble Help Desk 2018.1, this video shows how to import records.

9.  Modifying a Report with the Report Designer - This short video shows how to modify one of the included reports to change sort order, and create a Page Break after a chart in the report.

10. New User and New Requests - This video shows how to add a new End User (not the same as a security User account created to allow admins, staff and/or end users to login to the program).  This video also shows how to add a new request.

11. Another Short Introductory Video - This video discusses the new 2018.1 version of AccessAble Help Desk.

-- more videos coming soon.
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AccessAble Help Desk
Developed by somone who has ..
Been There, Done That!
An affordable program to help you manage
End User, Requests, Hardware, Software
and more.
Developed more than 10 years ago
based on requests by existing and
potential customers.
This version makes a good program
even better in many ways.
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