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Order a Site License - No Hidden Extra Costs

JANUARY 18, 2021 - Big News. License price reduced until AcessAble Help Desk 2021 is released - $99 - includes desktop and web applications.  I will be releasing a new version of AccessAble Help Desk later this year and it will be totally different, web browser interface only (.net .aspx so requires Microsoft Windows Server running IIS and supplied only with Microsoft SQL Server backend (SQL Script to run using SSSM, no Microsoft Access option planned.  The release of the new version is probably 60 days away or more.  I am making the discounted offer available now so if you are new to AccessAble Help Desk you will have time to try the current (2019 version).  You may prefer it - who knows.  In addition, anyone who purchases a license this year will have the option to claim a free license to AccessAble Help Desk 2021 when available.  Pricing for that version will likely be more than $99.  

Try the AccessAble Help Desk 2019 desktop application for up to 30 Days.  The browser based application will work in trial mode for 14 days.  
A separate license file for the desktop application and the web application will be sent to you if you decide to purchase a license.  
These license files
are small text files that you save to the same folder as the executable file or the Bin folder for the web interface.  These license files
remove the trial limitation so no need to uninstall and reinstall.

NOTE:  The Desktop application will give you a warning with the number of days remainin before your trial expires.  The web application
doe not give you (or anyone using the web interface) a message with the days remaining.  The web pages will stop loading.  Once you
decide to register and receive the license file just restart the program for the desktop application.  For the web application you
may need to restart the Application Pool in IIS after saving the license file to the bin folder.

Them come back to this page to purchase your site license.  A Site License for both Windows and Web application is $399
$99 for a limited time

Click here to Place Your Order.

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AccessAble Help Desk 2019
Dennis Baggott (c) - 2021
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