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JANUARY 18, 2021 - Big News. License price reduced until AcessAble Help Desk 2021 is released - $99 - includes desktop and web applications.  I will be releasing a new version of AccessAble Help Desk later this year and it will be totally different, web browser interface only (.net .aspx so requires Microsoft Windows Server running IIS} and supplied only with Microsoft SQL Server backend (SQL Script to run using SSSM, no Microsoft Access option planned).  The release of the new version is probably 60 days away or more.  I am making the discounted offer available now so if you are new to AccessAble Help Desk you will have time to try the current (2019 version).  You may prefer it - who knows.  In addition, anyone who purchases a license this year will have the option to claim a free license to AccessAble Help Desk 2021  when available.  Pricing for that version will likely be more than $99.  If you prefer the 2019 edition, that is fine but you will have purchased your license at the best possible price - and you will have hedged your bet in case you prefer the new 2021 version.

This web site will be updated as I get closer to ready to release the next version.  The interface will be similar to QUAD Help Desk and will include easy to use Import capability and sending and receiving of emails when a support request is added or updated.  Many changed are planned and I would be glad to have suggestions and may have room for a couple of beta testers.  Email me if interested. Unlike QUAD Help Desk, AccessAble Help Desk 2021 will also provide for tracking hardware and software assets.

The AccessAble Help Desk  is an affordable but comprehensive program to assist IT Help Desk staff in recording, updating and reporting on support requests from end users, as well as maintaining inventory information on hardware and software.  The program is provided by default with a Microsoft Access database (mdb) file, however, a Microsoft Sql Server backend may be used and a backup file (.bak)  which includes the initial reports, dashboards and more is available.  Instructions are also provided for configuring both the desktop application and the optional web interface to use the MSSQL database.
You can try the web help desk right now at:  https://accessablehelpdesk.com/web2019 to add Requests as a Customer login with the usename of "anne" and empty password.  To login as a member of Management - Access to Everything, but Read Only - use the username of "Boss" and empty password.  Email me if you have questions as you try the demo from these two roles.  
Some of the new features in Version 2019:
1)  Includes Incidents in addition to Support Requests.  
2)  Both Requests and Incidents feature Cascading Drop Down Lookups.  This will help in classifying requests and incidents.  
3) New Themes for the Desktop Application with the ability to easily change Font Sizes.  

5/31/2020 - New Videos added, long overdue.  The Web interface is very similar to the desktop application but these videos may be helpful to some.

NOTE:  As of 5/29/2020 - next version will be 2021 - or later.  That depends on feedback.  

View  The On Line Help  in your browser or download a PDF of the Online Help
NOTE:  I recently installed AccessAble Help Desk 2019 on a brand new computer and realized the help file may be incorrect and causing confusion (though I have not had anyone email me).  In the past I had set the default password for the Admin account to blank or empty.  However, in the version I just downloaded the password for Admin was in fact "master".  I plan on doing some more testing and updating of videos etc.  Apologies for any inconvenience.  For now try Admin with a blank password and if you get an error try Admin with password "master".
Come back often as I begin updating the web site with more information.  If you have question or comments you can send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Unlimited staff, no annual fees or maintenance cost and you can use the desktop application, browser application or my favorite, both.
Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server are all trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.  I don't sell any Microsoft Products - but I do recommend them.

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AccessAble Help Desk 2019
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