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AccessAble Help Desk
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Call it a Home Page, Entry Page, or Whatever
This  the Home Page of the AccessAble Help Desk.
Affordable but Comprehensive, Functional Software.
Copyright 2018 - Dennis Baggott

Microsoft Access, Microsoft Windows, MIcrosoft Excel, MIicrosoft Word, Microsoft SQL Server, MIcrosoft Office are Trademarks of Microsoft Corporation

Developed by someone who has Been There, Done That
Dennis Baggott has worked in the Information Technology field for longer than some customers have been alive - well maybe not that long.  This program was developed as an affordable solution for those brave souls that support hardware, software and users.  I have felt your pain!
The first help desk software I developed for my own use, and then sold to others, used a proprietary database.  Many people emailed me that they liked the program but wanted to use a Microsoft ACCESS format database on the backend.  Many also wanted a web interface.  More than a decade has gone by since the first version.  Now, AccessAble Help Desk 2018 is ready.  Try it - you might just like it!
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