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The AccessAble Help Desk Desktop Application

The AccessAble Help Desk was initially developed with the small to medium organization  in mind, where often a single person
has to support the entire Information Technology community where he or she worked.  Multi user ready with user roles and
permissions, the program can be used by multiple users logging in after different timesto the same computer, or a shared database
with multiple users connecting to the same database on your LAN but from their own workstation.  The optional web interface looks very similar to the desktop application with most of the same features and functionality.

In the screen shot below you see the browser interface has a similar look and feel to the desktop application.  However, this section will of the web site wll concentrate on the desktop application.

The End Users are central to IT Customer Support.  In addition to being able to quickly enter as much (or as little) information
as you would like to about your end users, tabs at the bottom of the end user details screen allow you to access related
information such as Requests, Hardware and Software.  You can also attach as many files as you like that are related
to the end user.

The navigation bar along the left of the screen can be hidden to give you more room to view the grids, such as the end user list.  You can sort by clicking on the column headers, search for text, filter in a variety of ways.  You can also group data on one or more columns if you like and easillyexport data from the grid without have to use a report to export the data, but you want reports?  We got those.  Keep reading.  Watch videos too.  Try the Demo.  Download and try it on your own computers.

Sample grid with hidden navigation bar next.

Not only are a variety of predesigned reports (and dashboards) delivered with the default installation, you can create as many reports and dashboards as
you like.  The Reports are stored inside the database so if you create your own reports and have other staff accessing the same database with
all using your masterpiece reports.  NOTE:  Security and roles will let you, as as an Administrator, create reports with your Staff
only able to run reports not delete reports.  It is up to you.

In addition to standard reports and charts - like Pie Charts...

you can create fancy dashboards, either static or interactive, and easily export the dashboard to impress the Boss, and
others.  By the way, AccessAble Help Desk 2019 includes a role that you might call "Boss Mode".  You can install the
program for your boss and give him a username and password.  When he/she logs the result is READ ONLY - but read everything if
you like.  This means the boss can look at all the data you have in the system (users, hardware, software, News) but can't
mess anything up - I mean, can't add change or delete records.  Also in this version you can enable Auto Refresh in the Requests Grid.
This means the boss can sit there and watch requests as you and your staff (or minions as I like to call them) busily add
and update requests from end users.  

This page should give you an idea of what the AccessAble Help Desk 2018 can do.  Why not download a fully functional 30 day trial version?

AccessAble Data is related to make it easy to find the information you need quickly and easily.  

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AccessAble Help Desk 2019
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