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NEW VERSION 2019 - In the Works.  More Information coming soon but highlights:  1)  Includes Incidents in addition to Support Requests.  2)  Both Requests and Incidents feature Cascading Drop Down Lookups.  This will help in classifying requests and incidents.  3) New Themes for the Desktop Application with the ability to easily change Font Sizes.  Check Back Soon as I am finalizing changes - and soon beginning new documentation and videos.  
10/15/2019 - Screen shots for the new version added. More info coming soon.
AccessAble Help Desk 2018 is an affordable but comprehensive program to assist IT Help Desk staff in recording,updating and reporting on support requests from end users, as well as maintaining inventory information on hardware and software.  The program is provided by default with a Microsoft Access database (mdb) file, however, a Microsoft Sql Server backend may be used and a backup file which includes the initial reports, dashboards and more is available.  Instructions are also provided for configuring both the desktop application and the optional web interface to use the MSSQL database.

 You can download the file as a .zip file or as an .exe file.  NOTE:  The .zip file contains a readme.txt file - if downloading the .exe only file the most important thing you may miss is that you can login as an Administrator with the Login name of Admin and an empty password.  You can also login as an end user with the Login name of Ann Example and empty password.

Come back often as I begin updating the web site with more information.  If you have question or comments you can send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If you decide after trying the program for up to 30 days that you want to continue using the program you can place your order through out registration
service, BTM Micro.  Click here to order a site license for just  $99 (was $299)  through at least April 15, 2018. -
unlimited staff, no annual fees or maintenance cost and you will
receive the web interface free (requires MIcrosoft IIS).

This next screen shot is from the web interface.  It has a similar look and feel to the desktop application shown further down.

Also notice the screen shots below.  All the images below are of the same screen in the desktop application.  You can easily switch between the different views or themes.  
There is a style for just about anyone.

Happy New Year! Limited Time Offer! Just $99 No Per User CostsNo Extra ChargesWeb Application Included!

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AccessAble Help Desk
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